Gifting for Sobonfu — May 2015

Sobonfu is a treasured teacher for us all. She has shown us new ways to open our hearts, release and heal our grief, and new definitions of community.

This past April, Sobonfu returned to Burkina Faso to mourn the loss of her mother with her tribe. She left that grief ritual recently in order to be present at a grief ritual in California.

Please consider making a monetary gift to Sobonfu, in her mother’s honor, that Sobonfu may use to cover airfare or other travel expenses.

“My experience being away from my community has taught me that the close relationship I experienced with community was essential for the growth of human Spirit and necessary for peace within the community. That at the core of my longing to belong was a desire to connect with something bigger — something sacred — which the psyche of the human being need to keep its life balanced.” — Sobonfu Some