Refillable Woven Pen with a message (Currently out of stock)
If you’re looking for something for a special occasion, for fun or for yourself, these handmade Woven Pens are a great choice. Colors and design vary by artists — Each artist uses recycled material and colors to create a unique pen. Pens can be replaced with a (Staples, Office Depot or Bic) Ballpoint Pen Medium Point. Gift someone with one of these pens and recipient will remember you each time they use it. Just choose one with the perfect message:♦ AFRICA ♦ DIVA ♦ FAITH ♦ HEALING ♦ HEARTH ♦ HOPE ♦ INSPIRATION ♦ LOVE ♦ MAGIC ♦ PEACE ♦ PURPOSE ♦ QUEEN ♦ Out of stock at this moment$5.00 ea
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Shea Butter from Sobonfu’s Village
Shea Butter From Burkina Faso – Made by women in Sobonfu’s village. This is a food grade shea butter without chemicals or additive.In Africa, Shea Butter is used for cooking, medicine and cosmetic. This is perfect for people with dry, sensitive skin or people with allergies. Use Shea Butter to bring out your natural beauty. Regular use of shea butter makes your skin supple, glow, smooth and healthy. If you have nose bleed or tend to have dry lips use Shea Butter to keep them moist.Shea Butter is good for stretch marks and softens aging marks. Helps prevent and heals calluses. Grandma usage: there are many uses for shea butter. Here is one. For cold and cough. Melt shea butter at a luke warm temperature and put in ears and in nose. Softens cough and helps prevent cold when used at first sign of cold. In case of constipation, use it as a lubricant.Shea butter is a Healing Butter, effective, proven treatment for:
*cold *cough *eczema *psoriasis *rashes *extreme dry skin *dandruff *wrinkles *stretch marks * chap feet *use on drum-heads *on hands before drumming *lots more…

2oz – $5.00/ea
4oz – $10.00/ea
12oz – $25.00/ea
16oz – $30.00/ea


Small Purses
Small purses made in Burkina Faso. Wear across the body or shoulder, leaving hands free. Purses have a flap which covers a zippered pocket on the front. Take one along on your walks or travels to guard your important travel documents. Made with African fabrics: assorted colors. Choose from red, yellow, blue and back background.$10.00/ea – Size H 7.5” x W 6”


Woven Bracelet from Burkina Faso
As a child, Sobonfu grew up making these bracelets just for fun. Nostalgia took her back to them years ago. The constant question of where to find these bracelets, motivated her to make them available. These colorful bracelet are made with recycled material.
$5.00/ea – Let us pick a color for you.