Make a Donation to Help the People of Burkina Faso

Make a Donation
to Sobonfu’s Work

Sobonfu works hard to raise awareness for the needs of her village and others in Burkina Faso. She uses 100% of your tax-deductible donation for drilling wells, medical assistance, and/or education.

Walking for Water Project: with the support from many of you we have been able to continue to bring potable water to those who need it the most. Your generous donations have not only made us strong, it has also help to:

  • Lower maternal and infant mortality rate,
  • Improved the overall health in local populations
  • Diminished the rural exodus of young people toward the cities
  • And increased the education of young women.

Education project: Slowly but surely, we are inching away illiteracy which has made so many communities unable to understand government regulations that impact them but also dampened their capacity to stand for themselves. We have successfully sponsored 1,500 children most of them girls or orphans. The statistics are encouraging and we have you to thank for this success. Without your love and your gifts to these children, they would remain modern day “road kills”.

So Barka-Thank you!