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Nine Gates Mystery School, CA

May 03 - May 12, 2013
Lucern Valley

Nine Gates Programs, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to offering spiritual training which challenges individuals to awaken to their fullest selves. The organization itself serves its graduate community and individuals who have yet to find their way to the Mystery School and other Nine Gates Programs offerings.

Unlike traditional organizations, Nine Gates Programs, Inc. balances its responsibility to create necessary business structures for ensuring sustainability and health with the very spirit that called the organization into existence – the call for a vehicle for transformative experiences. This “call” crafted the organization’s vision and mission statements, and continues to provide the necessary tenacious energy for running its programs.

Nine Gates Programs, Inc. is the nexus point for harnessing, incubating and directing the inspiration that flows to and through it. As the formal organization, it provides form for its programs, but does not impose rigid, constrictive thinking.

Nine Gates Programs, Inc. is a model for the New World organization, where form and process, business and spirit are viewed as essential partners in creation and continuance.

Dr. Gay Luce is the Founder of Nine Gates Programs, Inc. and the Nine Gates Mystery School

Information & Directions

For more information, please contact: Ann O’Quinn, Registrar 1-800-570-3782 ext. 1966 or email mysteryschool@noetic.org Website: www.ninegates.org/ Fax: 916-660-1949