Events & Appearances

    Residential Grief Ritual in Washington DC area

    March 11-13 2016
    Germantown, MD

    To begin to regain a serious and lasting sense of connectedness with ourselves and with spirit, we need to find a proper place to release our grief – grief about all the losses we have endured in this life time, the loss of loved ones, the loss of our dreams and the loss of our connection with the ancestors.

    Grief Ritual in Northern California

    05/28/2016 - 05/30/2016

    Grief is good Medicine! When it is liquid, able to move, to cleanse us, becoming good compost to metabolize the sorrow, anger and every other kind of negativity that can block our capacity to authentically give and receive the gifts of Life. Grieving well can make us stronger, more joyful and more resilient.